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Company Overview

The Established in 1950 in Khobar City, Rabiah & Nassar Group started as a small road-building contractor and worked in concert with the Arabian American Oil Company (Aramco) and municipalities to construct some of the major road networks in the Eastern Province. From these humble beginnings, Rabiah & Nassar Group expanded to partner with the Ministry of Communication to build the first road network in the Oassim area as well as a number of other major projects such as airports, water treatment facilities, bridges and other road networks.

After transferring to Riyadh City, the company continued to diversify into engineering and contracting, real estate, agriculture, mining, trading, industrial and other investments. Today, Rabiah & Nassar Group is one of the leading business groups that contributes to the economic growth of Saudi Arabia.

There are currently six strategic business units that make up Rabiah & Nassar Group and there are plans to add additional business units in the near future.