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Real Estate Division of Rabiah & Nassar Group (RANCO) is the main division of the Group. The division conducts feasibility studies of real estate projects Kingdom wide. The real estate division contributed positively to the nation's urban development. Project developed include residential properties such as those completed in Riyadh & Khobar, office complex such a Rabiah & Nassar building and Olaya centers in Khobar and the Regional building in Jeddah.

As an example, the company has developed and manages "Ranco Village" (www.ranvill.com) which includes about 300 Residential Units including complete recreational and other facility.

Also, the company developed another Residential Compound in Khobar and several centers and office blocks in Khobar & Jeddah such as Olaya North & South Complexes.

The company is also looking to develop along Farm near of Riyadh City that it has to be a resort village.

RANCO has successfully developed real estate projects for the private and government Educational sectors. RANCO built and leased for long term the Indian international Schools in Riyadh. It also built the administration Building for Girls College in Malaz area in Riyadh.

RANCO real-estate is now developing new complex project (LAM complex) to meet growing demands for this sector, This will be one of the new projects for Ranco Real-Estate that located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Ranco Real-Estate owns and operates multi-size residential and commercial properties. We are looking to construct different unique and innovative buildings. The prospect site is located in Riyadh city in King Abdullah district; a high-end neighborhood. Our independent market research indicates that the present and future market opportunity in the area would be to establish a residential building designed to meet the needs of local and expatriate families in the city.