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Corporate Governance

Rabiah & Nassar group has its corporate office in Riyadh City, the capital of Saudi Arabia. With its diversification to six full business units, it now includes Industry, Trading, Engineering and Contracting, Real Estate, Mining, Agriculture as well as other investments. Started in 1950, the company now has a significantly broader reach than in past years, which continues to expand.

Top executives in the organization will abide by the rules as set forth in the Amendment of Article 9 of the Corporate Governance Regulations (CGR), regulating the compensation available for the Boards of Directors. The Shariah laws of transparency, trust, fairness and accountability will be used to govern the business in the way of Islamic principles. Rabiah & Nassar group also guarantees that it shall also follow the letter and intent of both Companies Law and its subsequent amendments covering the formation and business operation of entities in Saudi Arabia.